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HYDAC Metal Bellows Accumulators

Metal bellows accumulators

... are hydropneumatic accumulators with metal bellows as a separation element between the compressible gas cushion and the operating fluid. The separation element is designed as either corrugated bellows or diaphragm bellows.

HYDAC metal bellows accumulators are versatile in their application. For example, they are used for pulsation damping on heavy diesel engines or in the chemical industry. In the aeroplane industry, this type of accumulator design is usually used as energy accumulators or for volumetric compensation, respectively.

HYDAC metal bellows accumulators have the following advantages, which allows them to extend the overall application field of HYDAC Accumulator Technology:

  • Gas-tight,
  • Low-maintenance,
  • Media-resistant in broad temperature ranges (e.g. in aviation applications up to 160 °C).

  To protect your hydraulic accumulators against
non-permitted temperature increase and/or excessive pressure,
we recommend our safety devices.