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HYDAC Fluid-Water Cooling Systems FWKS

Fluid-water cooling systems FWKS

The FWKS is a compact fluid-water cooling system for cooling and lubrication circuits with a plastic tank with circulation pump, a plate heat exchanger and additional accessories.

This system is primarily used as a temperature-controlled intermediate circuit. In this way the contamination and corrosion in the coolant circuits which could arise as a result of directi cooling with poor water quality is prevented.

The pump conveys the cooled operating fluid from the tank through the component that is to be cooled. Once there, it absorbs the heat. It then flows back to the plate heat exchanger, where it is returned to a cooler temperature by the cooling water.

Technical data:

  • Cooling capacity: up to 250 kW (depending on the limiting conditions)
  • Flow rate: up to 300 l/min
  • Tank content: up to 110 l
  • Cooling medium: water
  • Operating medium: water-glycol or mineral oil

Typical applications:

  • Liquid-cooled drives: motor spindles, torque motors, servo motors, linear motors
  • Inverter cooling
  • Gearbox cooling and lubrication
  • Bearing cooling
  • Tool cooling