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Process Filter Liquids

Process filter Liquids

Many industrial companies require different types of process and service water for their production and manufacturing processes. These include, for example, water for cooling purposes, washing and flushing water, seal water for rotary seals, service water to prepare chemical solutions etc.

Expert pre-filtration prevents subsequent expense:

  • Improved service lives of fine filters and membranes downstream
  • Lower maintenance costs as a result of longer service intervals
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Increased process reliability
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Guaranteed quality

Automat. back-flushing filters AutoFilt®

Automatic back-flushing / self-cleaning filters extend service life and maintenance intervals in process technology

Self-cleaning back-flushing filters, type AutoFilt® by HYDAC are automatic filters for industry and technology. They ensure the cleanliness of water, coolants and lubricants as well as lower viscosity fluids. The AutoFilt® filter range is very versatile and diverse and ideally suited for retrofitting in existing plants. 

As a full-line supplier we offer the appropriate back-flushing filter for each application:

  • Isokinetic filtering and back-flushing
    AutoFilt® RF3 / RF4 / RF5 / RF7
  • JetFlush Technology – Hydrodynamic suction
    AutoFilt® RF10 / RF12
  • Hybrid Technology - Centrifugal separator and inline filter
    AutoFilt® ATF TwistFlow Strainer
  • Hydropneumatic back-flushing with secured media separation
    AutoFilt® RF9
  • HyStream finest filtration < 50 µm
    AutoFilt® RF14


Process Filtration Technology

Components, elements and systems for separating low and high viscosity fluids, aggressive fluid and gaseous media. Process-specific engineering, computer-aided simultaneous designs, as well as testing and certification are undertaken in laboratories and on test rigs specially equipped for process technology.

The Products

Stainless steel and carbon steel inline filters for pressures up to 660 bar and temperature up to 550°C in addition, stainless steel filter elements (cleanable) for differential pressures up to 210 bar and temperature up to 440°C Automatic backflush filters for flow rates of up to 10,000 m³/h for the filtration of cooling and circulating water TwistFlow Strainer ATF Gas Seal Filter GCF

Typical Applications

  • Chemical & petrochemical industries
  • Water cooling systems
  • Washing systems
  • Waste water & sewage treatment
  • Water supply plants
  • Lubrication systems
  • Paper machinery
  • Hydroelectric power stations
  • Rolling mills
  • Machine tools
  • Cooling lubricant treatment plants
  • Off-shore, shipbuilding
  • Snow cannons
  • Agricultural irrigation system