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Filter System Technology

Mobile and stationary components and equipment for:

Separation of solid, gaseous and liquid contaminants from hydraulic fluids, lubricating

oils and emulsions. 

Extended maintenance intervals and service life of operating media. 

Monitoring, analysis, diagnostics and documentation of operating conditions for original equipment

and for retrofitting machines and systems.

Condition monitoring using fluid sensors

The Products

Filling units, Offline units OLF, Automatic filtration  units, Dewatering systems FAM

Contamination controllers FCU, Oil condition sensors CS, Water sensors AS, Transformer care units TCU

Digital analysis equipment Portable data recorders, Sampling equipment, Measuring and analysis Kits

Typical Applications

Iron and Steelworks, Wind Turbines, Foundry equipment,  Cement works, Paper mills, Large Tranmission

Turbines, Large compressors, Contruction, Agricultural, Forestry machinery, Plastics Processing

Machine tools Off-shore, shipbuilding Transformers