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Filtration Technology

Components and system for removing solid, liquid and gaseous contamination and water from hydraulic, lubricating, flame-resistant and biodegradable operating fluid.

Hydrac filtration products meet market demands:

  • High particle removal over a wide different pressure range
  • Low pressure drop, also for cold starts
  • High Level of stability 
  • High  Contamination retention, longer service intervals
  • Reduced installation dimensions and machine-specific housing
  • Ultra-modern laboratory and test rig technology

The Products

In-line Filters, up to 450 bar, Qmax = 15,000 l/min

Offline filters for extreme contamination filter elements,

Filter material: glass fibre, metal fibre, wire mesh, paper and incinerable all-plastic

Filtration rating: 3µm - 200µm 

Clogging indicators: visual, lectrical, electronic

Tank breather filters, 

Filtration rating: 3µm - 10µm 

Stat-Free elements

Guaranteed reliablility thanks to Quality Protection 

Diesel pre-filtration

Typical Applications

Oil hydraulics, Lubrication technology Machine tools, Plastics machinery

Foundry machines, Mobile machinery, Automotive, Steel construction

Hydro-Engineering, Mining, Off-shore, Ship-Building, Power Plant technology

Tranmission Systems, Paper mills, Stage / Platform Engineering All type of

Test Rigs Cleaning systems.